Every Esprit school has a participation council. In addition, Esprit Schools has two joint participation councils. One for primary education and one for secondary education. The Executive Board and Esprit's Joint Participation Council place great value on effective participation. This means: contributing to policy formation, monitoring and holding accountable for agreed policies and if necessary, providing counterbalance to the Executive Board and the ultimate responsible parties of Esprit Schools.


The Joint Participation Council has the following members:

Primary Education Staff Representatives

  • Annelies van den Oord | WSV
  • Paul Soree | DENISE PO
  • Natasja van der Put | AICS PO
  • Nandy Pulles | De Eilanden
  • Bart Jesse | De Verwondering
  • Quirine Smit | De Europaschool

Secondary Education Staff Representatives

  • Fred Poeser  |  AICS VO
  • Markus Beunk  |  ALASCA
  • Maarten Mensinga  |  Berlage Lyceum
  • Mira Broers |  Berlage Lyceum
  • Regina Jacometti  |  Cartesius Lyceum
  • Ineke Hoeffnagel  |  DENISE VO
  • Marit Pont  |  Marcanti College
    - Vice-Chairperson Secondary
  • Daan de Graaf  |  Mundus College
  • Sjaak Meerdink  |  Mundus College
    - Chairperson VO
    - Secretary
     Primary & Secondary
  • Niels Koopman  |  Het 4e Gymnasium
  • Gijs Besseling |  Spring High

Parent Representatives

  • Guus ten Bosch  |  MSL
  • Yana Verjans  |  DENISE PO
  • Merel Schogt | De Eilanden

Student Representatives

  • Daudi Spit  |  Berlage Lyceum
  • Eki Arora | DENISE
  • Nik Eijgenstein | Cartesius Lyceum

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