Collective discount on health insurance

All residents of the Netherlands can switch to a different health insurer every year.

Esprit employees qualify for collective health insurance with Zilveren Kruis 'Additional Education' or the collective insurance offered by the Municipality of Amsterdam: VGA Education.

How do you switch?
Information from the various providers will be available in November/December. Consider using an independent aggregator website to compare different health insurance policies and find a policy that meets your needs.

All Esprit School employees can also take out various collective non-life insurance policies.

Pension accrual with ABP

Esprit Schools employees accrue a pension with ABP. The premiums owed for this are automatically deducted from your salary by Esprit Schools and deposited into your pension plan. The ABP website provides a detailed overview of all your options and choices when it comes to your pension.

You can choose to transfer previously accrued pension savings to ABP. It is best to do this within 6 months of joining Esprit Schools. For more information on whether transferring your pension would benefit you and how to arrange it, visit the ABP website. Are you an immigrant? The following website provides information about purchasing missed state pension years: SVB


Loyalis specialises in income security and pension supplements and offers disability and pension products and services, as well as survivor’s schemes. Everyone who works at Esprit Schools can take out insurance with Loyalis. If you decide to take out insurance with Loyalis through your employer, the premium will automatically be deducted from your salary and paid to Loyalis.

Supplementary disability insurance

Employees in education can take out additional insurance against incapacity for work by taking out an IPAP insurance policy with Loyalis.

As a rule, an employee who becomes incapacitated for work will receive a disability benefit and an ABP disability pension after two years of illness. The iPAP insurance policy pays out a supplementary benefit.

Other types of insurance

The Facilities Office handles insurance and damage claims for all Esprit schools. The school is not liable for theft, burglary, loss or destruction of personal belongings of visitors, students and staff.

The Facility Management Office manages the following insurance policies and more:

  • Collective Accident Insurance: covers damages that occurred during school hours and that are covered by your own health insurance. Capped benefit;
  • Travel accidents / luggage insurance: for damage caused during school trips in the Netherlands and abroad organised by the school;
  • Public liability insurance companies/schools: covers tortious damages.

All these insurance policies apply to students, staff members, volunteers, trainees and board members and are supplementary to private insurance policies.

  • Home contents and building insurance for all schools (with the exception of Montessorischool Landsmeer [1]): covers damage to personal property of visitors, students and staff. Coverage is capped at €500 in the event of theft and burglary provided the T&Cs are met. Policy T&Cs;
  • Third-party liability and accident insurance: covers damage during internships in the Netherlands and abroad during the internship itself and the commute to the internship location.

For detailed information about the current insurance policies, cover, specific advice and claims, please contact the Facilities Department of the Central Bureau:

Nathalie Wernsen, tel. 06-46737237,
Maarten Boelsma, tel. 06-12397987,

Different conditions apply to the Montessorischool Landsmeer with regard to building contents, building and glass insurance, as this has been arranged through the municipality of Landsmeer

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