Holiday and leave of absence



The school holidays are determined annually by the Executive Board. More information about the current holiday schedule:


For educational support staff, the holiday must be included in the school holidays (with the exception of the first and last week of the summer holidays). To compensate for this, 2 compensation days are allocated to this group of employees per calendar year. This arrangement only applies to educational support staff. 


Short-term leave of absence / Short special leave of absence

A number of rules regarding short-term leave of absence have been laid down in thecollective agreement secundary education and the collective agreement primary education. Short-term lleave of absence is always requested from one's own manager and, in his absence, from his replacement. In addition to the collective labor agreement, visits to doctors and dentists are also registered as short-term A number of rules regarding short-term leave of absence have been laid down in thecollective agreement  and treated as such. This with the addition that if possible appointments are scheduled outside working hours and especially outside class times, or at the beginning or end of the day.

Savings leave

Leave can only be saved if there is no redundancy or displacement. If this is the case, the Executive Board will announce this prior to the application or prior to the relevant school year (in the case of current cases).

The savings leave is recognized in the annual task (scheduling)

  • See CAO VO - Articel 15.8 Attachment 5 Savings leave scheme secundary education 
  • See CAO PO - Articel 8.20 Attachment IX Savings leave scheme primary education 

Maternity and Partner leave

Information about pregnancy and maternity leave can be found in:

Information about Partner Leave and Birth Leave can be found in:



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