Complaints and integrity

On this page you will find information about handling complaints and disputes, reporting abuses, behavior and integrity and contact persons.


The vast majority of complaints about the day-to-day running of the school will be dealt with properly in consultation between parents, pupils, staff and school management.

However, if this is not possible in view of the nature of the complaints, or if the handling has not taken place satisfactorily, one can appeal to the complaints procedure of Esprit Schools.

Educational Disputes Foundation

If you still feel the need to do so after the internal handling of a complaint, you can turn to the Education Disputes Foundation. This can be done in writing or by e-mail:

Educational Disputes Foundation
National Complaints Committee for Education

Postbus 85191
3508 AD Utrecht
T: 030-2809590


Esprit Scholen is affiliated with the Educational Disputes Foundation for the handling of disputes, objections, appeals and complaints. There are several committees that perpetuate Educational Disputes, including:

The National Education Complaints Committee
This committee deals with complaints from parents, pupils and/or staff members that concern behaviour or decisions of a person functionally involved in the school.

The Appeals Committee
Employees who do not agree with certain decisions of their employer can appeal against them to the Appeals Committee.

The National Commission for Disputes 
This committee deals with disputes between the board/school management and the (G)MR, for example consent or advice disputes.

The Appropriate Education Committee
This committee deals with disputes about admission and removal of pupils and about the establishment or adjustment of a development perspective of pupils who need extra support.

On the website of Educational Disputes you can find more information about the various committees.

Whistleblower scheme

The Esprit Schools Whistleblower Scheme states how and where an employee can report a suspicion of wrongdoing and how the report is handled.

Integrity code

The Esprit Integrity Code is intended for everyone who works or performs work inside (and outside) esprit's buildings and indicates how we want to deal with each other and with others - pupils, parents, external parties.

The code provides a framework for interpreting, assessing and weighing acceptable or unacceptable behaviour. You can think of how to deal with gifts from parents and relations and with private use of telephone and computer, or how to deal with companies when you are responsible for purchasing and how to deal with the lack of integrity of colleagues.

Reporting code & duty to report

The law obliges the educational field to have a Reporting Code for Child Abuse and Domestic Violence. The purpose of this obligation is to intervene more quickly and adequately in the event of suspicions of domestic violence and child abuse.

Internal & external confidential advisors

Wherever people are together, they can suffer from undesirable manners and integrity violations. Examples include bullying, discrimination, (sexual) harassment and abuse of power.

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