At Esprit Schools we think it is important that employees feel comfortable, both physically and mentally, and that is why we offer our employees a vitality offer with attention to physical fitness.

When you feel comfortable in your own skin, you do everything just that little bit easier. You are more positive in life, keep in touch more easily and suffer less from stress. We offer our employees a vitality offer because we want our employees to become more aware of their own body and want to take good care of it. We encourage this by offering employees the opportunity to buy a bicycle or to go to the gym at an affordable price. We also participate in the 'Dam tot Damloop'.

Vitality Products

Staying healthy with tax benefits

At Esprit Schools you can purchase a museum annual pass, a Fitbit or a sports contribution with tax benefits. A fitbit is a bracelet that registers how much you move. It is also possible to book a weekend away for tax purposes and even declare meal boxes.

You can buy a maximum of 2 of these products up to a maximum amount of € 500. If you want to exercise, you can now choose from several gyms in your area. The offer is in line with the sustainable employability spearhead of Esprit Schools' strategic HR policy

How does it work?

  • Go to and log in. 
  • If you do not have a Fisc Free account yet you can use this link.
  • Choose a product and read the rules carefully.
  • Indicate how you want to settle the amount. For all declarations, you must first advance the amount, after which FiscFree® transfers the billable amount back to your bank account. The costs are then deducted from your gross salary, giving you a tax advantage.
  • Add the receipt of the ordered product to the request.
  • Agree to the Supplement to the Employment Agreement.

Is the product more expensive than the maximum amount?

If the price of the product is more expensive than the maximum amount that you can settle, you can order this. You then pay the additional cost from your net salary.

Affordable fitness

Good health is a great asset. And sufficient exercise plays a crucial role here. With the National Company Fitness Plan, employees can choose from more than 1,800 fitness locations, making sports more attractive for more employees. For example, in exchange for the fitness subscription, your gross salary will be reduced for 12 months. Because you pay with gross wages, you have a tax advantage. All employees can participate in the National Company Fitness Plan.

The Bicycle Plan

As an employee of Esprit Schools, you can purchase a bicycle at an affordable price through the National Bicycle Plan. A number of conditions have been drawn up to make use of the many advantages of the Bicycle Plan. When you purchase a new bicycle within the bicycle plan, you will receive a tax benefit on a maximum of € 749 (for an electric bike € 1500). In addition, you can purchase a maximum of € 240 in bicycle vouchers with tax benefits, you can also order these vouchers separately. The bicycle vouchers are divided into sets of €80 that you can spend annually and remain valid for three years. With the bicycle vouchers you can buy bicycle accessories or pay for maintenance on your bicycle. You can also take out tax-free three-year theft or all-risk insurance with the National Bicycle Plan. The bicycle is settled via the salary administration, whereby your gross salary is reduced by the amount of your bicycle. You can choose to have it withheld on a monthly basis or to have it set off against the holiday allowance or the year-end bonus

Company emergency response

Within Esprit Schools, a number of employees have been trained to provide assistance in and around the school in the event of calamities, such as fire or a power failure. These are company emergency responders. They provide first aid, alert and evacuate employees and maintain contacts with external emergency services in the event of calamities. The company emergency response officers receive financial compensation in accordance with the collective labor agreement.

All company emergency responders receive the financial compensation as established in the prevailing collective labour agreement (Secundary Education). At Esprit Schools we pay this allowance annually (€ 300 gross). Company emergency team leaders receive € 500 gross . Payment is made on the basis of a statement of the annual mandatory certification.

The payment from January until April 2023 is based on the old allowance, from May until December it is based on the new allowance. 

Occupational Health and Safety Resources

In some situations it is necessary to adapt the workplace to the specific needs of the employee. Esprit Schools can contribute to the costs with advice from the company doctor.


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