The Control department has the following tasks:

  • Advising the Executive Board, the Supervisory Board and the directors of the schools.
  • Making and monitoring financial policy.
  • Strategic and tactical advice and policy development in the field of Control and Management Information (organization-wide).
  • Monitoring the finances and the entire process of planning and control at Esprit Schools.
  • Monitoring progress in risk management.
  • Testing policy intentions for financial-economic consequences and proposing alternatives.
  • Translating strategic business economic policy into tactical / operational policy.
  • Supporting the schools in the implementation of the financial policy.
  • Maintaining financial contacts with various external parties.
  • Monitoring the administrative organization.
  • Preparing (financial) documents for the audit committee and the Supervisory Board.

Products of the Control department include:

  • The framework letter for the budget and the multi-year budget.
  • The budget and the multi-year budget.
  • Periodic and ad hoc reports and (financial) forecasts.
  • Financial analyses.
  • Business cases.
  • Operational and financial audits.
  • Risk analysis reports.

Contact details

The control department can be reached at

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