Collective labour agreement and other terms and conditions of employment

You are welcome at Esprit Schools. Whether you are looking for a new job or an internship, or perhaps you are interested in a lateral intake as a teacher! We reward you for this with our good employment conditions.


If you join us, you will receive an employment contract. The employment contract is created by the central HR-administration. You will receive this digitally via AFAS with the request to digitally sign this document. For information or questions about your employment contract, you can contact your manager.

Collective labour agreement (CLA)

Your terms of employment are laid down in the collective agreement Primary education or in the collective agreement Secondary education. Which CLA applies to you depends on your appointment. If you work at a primary school, the collective agreemen primary education applies. If you work within secondary education, the collective agreement Secondary education applies. As a rule, the collective agreement Secondary education applies to educational support staff. For employees who are recruited from abroad, additional regulations apply.

For the latest developments and trends in the employment conditions as they apply within education, we refer you to the websites below:

If you need an English translation please contact the HR advisor of your school. For Esprit-employees selected from abroad additional terms of employment are available.

Life-phase-conscious personnel policy

Improving the sustainable employability of employees in primary and secondary education is a current theme. Every employee at a primary school has the right to spend 40 hours of working time annually on sustainable employability. In secondary education, each teacher is given access to 90 hours each year that can be used for various purposes.

I see collective agreement primary education: art. 8a Sustainable Employability


You will be reimbursed for the special costs that you incur on behalf of the school, such as business trips, accommodation costs and possibly other costs. If meal provision is deemed necessary by your supervisor, the meal will be reimbursed until maximum € 15,- per hot meal. You can declare this via AFAS mijninsite. 

Expense claims are only made on the basis of original receipts and invoices. If you travel with a personal public transport card, it is possible to print declaration statements via the site.

Exchange scheme

At Esprit you can use the "trade-off scheme for commuting expenses". Through the exchange scheme, you have the option to exchange part of your gross end-of-year bonus for an additional net travel allowance. You can apply for this exchange via AFAS MijnInsite. 

Company Assets

If deemed necessary, you can receive a mobile phone, laptop or iPad for the performance of your job. To do this, you sign a user agreement.

In addition, you can take advantage of a discount on insurance, software, hardware, magazines, books and accessories through various web stores:

i (Dutch)
i (Dutch)

Computers en laptops

We offer the opportunity to (temporarily) affordably to purchase a new laptop, iPad or computer accessories. However, the tax-free reimbursement of a computer, laptop or an iPad is only allowed if it is used for at least 90% business purposes. For the purchase of headset and software for your computer, you must make at least 10% business use. This offer is valid as long as a budget is available and for max. 1 device per person (plus accessories).

How does it work?

  • Go to and log in.
  • The project number is 722559.
  • Choose a product from the Fiscfree webshop and carefully read the rules.
  • Indicate how you would like to settle the amount. The maximum amount that can be settled is € 750. The costs are settled with a gross wage component, resulting in a tax advantage. Any additional amount will be paid net.
  • Agree to the Supplement to the Employment Agreement.


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Regulation on commuting expenses

The compensation you receive as an employee for commuting (travel expenses) is determined in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement. 

In collaboration with the municipality of Amsterdam, an additional travel allowance will be paid to teachers who work at Esprit Schools from 1 August 2017 to 1 August 2023.

i CAO VO,Article 13.1, Attachment 3,Relocation Costs Regulation
i CAO PO, Article 7

Parking policy

Parking permits are issued to the schools for each district of the city. The allocation of parking permits is arranged per school. Employees pay for the parking permit themselves.

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