Central Staff Office


The Central Staff Office provides support services for the primary process and consists of the following departments:

The Central Staff Office develops and coordinates the policy of these focus areas. The schools themselves have decentralized advisors and employees to work in these focus areas.

Facilities, Purchasing and Real Estate

Facilities deals with procurement, real estate, building management and facility matters. The facilities office help the schools and facilities staff with their daily management tasks. The facilities office also checks whether the (legal) obligations and agreements made between the schools and the board are complied with. Furthermore, the facilities office provides the impetus for the implementation of new cases as a result of new regulations, technical innovations and other relevant developments.

You can reach facilities by sending an email to facilitair@cb.espritscholen.nl.

Finance and Payroll

The financial office of Esprit Schools ensures that all financial changes are processed promptly, correctly and completely. They are also responsible for coordinating payroll, with the emphasis on checking all processed changes and ensuring prompt payment. The financial office facilitates the schools in the accounting process for grants and subsidies and coordinates the entire process.

Invoices can be sent to facturen@cb.espritscholen.nl and the payroll department can be reached at sa@cb.espritscholen.nl.

Human Resources

The HR department develops and implements policy in the field of staff and organization. HR also provides advice, guidance and information on all matters surrounding the inflow (recruitment and selection), throughflow (performance, development, remuneration and assessment) and outflow of employees. The HR office is available for all questions of an administrative nature regarding vacancies, personnel changes, employment contracts, and more. For questions regarding illness and recovery and contact with the occupational health and safety service, please reach out to the absence office.

You can reach the HR office at hradministratie@cb.espritscholen.nl and the absence office at verzuimadmi@cb.espritscholen.nl.

Information Management

Information and information facilities are becoming increasingly important. With the far-reaching digitization of activities and the rise of information-driven working, IT plays a bigger role than ever in the strategy and work processes. As a result, the information and the functional design sides of IT, including information management, have also become more important. The information management department (IM) is responsible for translating the information needs arising from the various educational and business processes into the information facilities that support these processes. The information facilities consist of people and resources, such as the information itself, the applications and the IT infrastructure. IM arose from the need to get a better grip on a rapidly changing information landscape and the associated rapidly changing IT environment and IT capabilities. New laws and regulations, such as the GDPR, have also become an increasingly important factor.

The application management department is part of Information Management, and is responsible for the overall application management of the central (administrative) applications. This includes: Magister, ParnasSys, Afas, Facet, DUO, Vensters, etc. They are responsible for the central layout, user management and security of the relevant applications.

Quality of education

Education quality is an important topic. The department provides solicited and unsolicited advice to the Executive Board and the schools on educational issues and contributes to the (further) development of quality assurance at board and school level. Their activities consist of making and monitoring policy, performing data analyses and reporting and advising on educational quality.

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