At Esprit Schools, the development of our employees is important to us. The basic principle is that every student deserves education that offers him or her the best opportunities for the future. We provide the best possible education with colleagues who take it for granted to develop in an environment that offers space to learn from each other and with each other. That is why we invest in training and development. In this way we keep the knowledge, skills and motivation of our employees at a high level. You will find our professionalization offer in the Esprit Academy.


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Interview Esprit Academy

5 questions for Marlise Achterbergh, sustainability coordinator at Esprit

What your connection with education?
I have taught for 11 years and have a big heart for education. Until last year I was a teacher, mentor and IB coordinator. I am convinced that education can and must play an enormous role when it comes to moving together towards and shaping a sustainable future.

Why the focus on professionalization?
As a sustainability coordinator, I am involved in the different areas of the Whole School Approach. Making our school buildings more sustainable is part of this, but so is professionalizing employees in the field of sustainability. Until recently, nothing had happened at Esprit in that area, so there is a lot of profit to be made.

What do teachers want?
Both Dutch and international research shows that teachers want to be involved in sustainability, but they do not know how. This was rarely discussed during their training. The same applies to school leaders. I know from experience how busy everyone is in education on a daily basis. By participating in a course you create space to zoom out for a while.

So now I can register for an Education for Sustainability workshop?
Of course. This will be a great workshop given by Wieneke Maris! She is an expert in this field and an expert by experience. Last year she traveled through Europe to visit various schools that focus on sustainability education. If you teach in the IB program, I would recommend the English version of this workshop.

Can support staff also register for the climate conversations course?
This course is for everyone and hands-on. It is a workshop in which you will look at how you can reduce your footprint and increase your handprint. Are you concerned about climate change? Then you will learn how you can contribute to the solution yourself and how you can have positive conversations about it with others.

Guidance starting teachers

Starting teachers within Esprit Schools

A quarter of starters leave education within 5 years. A missed opportunity! Esprit Schools believes good guidance is important for the innovation, quality and future of education.

The Conversation Cycle

A good interview cycle is the basis for quality improvement. That is why it is important that you have a meeting with your manager about your professionalism at least once a year.

Form secundary to primary education

Do you think you would fit in primary education or would you like to broaden your horizons? Or would you like to work more as a secondary education teacher or would you like to continue working after your retirement? Kom lesgeven op één van onze…

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