Integrity and trust issues


Integrity Code

The Esprit Integrity Code is intended for everyone who works or carries out work inside (and outside) the Esprit buildings and indicates how we want to deal with each other and with others - students, parents, external parties. The code provides a framework for interpreting, assessing and weighing whether or not acceptable behaviour.

confidential advisers

Wherever people are together and work together, undesirable behavior and violations of integrity also occur. It is often enough to discuss this with each other. Sometimes you need the help of a third party. This is usually the manager or, in some cases, a confidential adviser.

Two external confidential advisers have been appointed for the employees of Esprit Schools.

The confidential counselor listens, advises and guides if necessary. In addition, one or more internal confidential advisers have been appointed at each school who can be approached.

Esprit has drawn up a complaints procedure that can be found on the website. This describes how complaints are dealt with, who has which responsibility and within what timeframes the complaint will be dealt with.

Esprit Schools also has internal confidential advisers.
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