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Trends & developments within Esprit Scholen by the Esprit Executive Board.

Esprit Schools Education Manifesto 2018-2022

Theme ‘Grenzenloos leren’. PDF with official copy, Dutch only. In spring a designed copy will be available, also in English.

Save the date

18th of April: Esprit Conference Internationalisation, Innovation and Inspiration at Mundus College. Like in 2016 there are several workshops you can choose from. More information will follow.

Changes within the ABP pension plan

New: Esprit lectures

Starting 23rd of January. Teacher History and author Jelmer Evers about future-proof Education.

If you want to join a lecture, please sign up first.

Esprit Educational Carousel

An update of the courses in 2018

ABP consultation hours 

7th of February – also in English – and 3rd of April @ Centraal Bureau

A consultant of ABP will answer your questions regarding your pension plan.

News from the Esprit participation council (GMR)

Vitality Products and Services With a Tax Benefit via Fisc Free

Maybe you already are aware of the possibility to buy a bike or participate in a sports club in a tax friendly way. In short: you buy the products or services out of your gross salary instead of your net salary. We are happy to announce that we are expanding our tax benefit offers for a one-year trial period or until the available budget has been reached.

This tax benefit applies to a sports allowance, a weekend break, a year-long museum entrance subscription, Fitbit, meal boxes and a higher discount on an electric bicycle.

The scheme for the additional product group works on the basis of an expense statement. 

First you pay for the product yourself. Then you upload your payment proof at FiscFree and get the money back. After that the costs will be calculated with your salary.

To see what opportunities Esprit Scholen offers you, please login on the website of FiscFree 

At the top on the right, login as "medewerker". To create an account please use project number 722559. At this time unfortunately the website is in Dutch, an English version will be set up soon.


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