Newsletter summary


Information of the Board of Esprit Scholen about trends and developments within Esprit Scholen.


Looking back on the first Esprit Scholen teacher conference (11 May, 2016).


  • Esprit Scholen induction programme starting teachers.
  • Staff evaluation "entreerecht" (secondary teachers' LD promotion procedure, using Esprit LD criteria).
  • Career development and mobility within Esprit Scholen.
  • Training programme Esprit Scholen 2016-2018: additional important information. Please be informed that, as a rule, the courses are in Dutch. If a group of at least 8 people is interested in following one of the courses in English, it is possible to arrange a course in English.
  • New Labour Agreements for Primary and Secondary are finalized. The final text is written at this time, unfortunately not ready yet. Based on the negotiators agreement, these are the most important changes.



Information to sign up for the "Dam tot Dam weekend" on 17 and 18 September, 2016. You can sign up by email for several activities with Aukje Vogd ( until 22 July 22, 2016. In the email please include your name, date of birth, email address, the activity you want to participate in, emergency number and address of partner/spouse and the size of your running or cycling shirt.


News from the participation council of Esprit Scholen.


The new headmaster of Montessorischool Landsmeer: Baile van der Plas.

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