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Your pension is your financial future. If you make the right choices now, this can make a big difference later. But how are you supposed to make these choices? Many people consider pension matters difficult. Making choices about your pension certainly is difficult. It can be complicated and tedious. A bit of help makes it easier to make the right choices. And ABP is more than pleased to offer this help.

ABP Customer Support helps you personally

You make your own choices

The main aspects of your pension are arranged in your pension scheme and many aspects are fixed. However, there are certain aspects that you can determine yourself. For example, when you wish to stop working, whether you will stop completely or for part of your working week and whether you would like to exchange your surviving dependents pension for a higher old age pension. You can make these choices yourself and we would be pleased to help you make these choices.

What help would you like?

ABP provides assistance. For example, by providing a pension overview each year. Your personal digital file, My ABP, on www.abp.nl is another example. You can perform out all sorts of calculations yourself. You can also contact our Customer Service Department and you can make an appointment for a personal consultation.

ABP Customer Support for a personal consultation

Our pension specialists are pleased to be of assistance. They can review your pension situation together with you. What will be your income when you stop working or if you become occupationally disabled? What are the consequences for your surviving dependents in the event of your death? You can then decide whether you would like to arrange for additional income.

Contact us for a personal consultation

If you would you like to make an appointment for a personal consultation, you can contact us. The meeting will take approximately 30 minutes.

Make an appointment

Prepare for the meeting in advance

It would be convenient if you think about what you would like to discuss in advance. For example, take a look at your most recent pension overview or visit My ABP. Think about what your wishes are with regard to your pension. It would be helpful if you would bring your most recent pension overview and salary slip to the meeting.

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