Collective labour agreement and other terms and conditions of employment

Je are welcome at Esprit Schools. Whether you are looking for a new job or an internship, or perhaps you are interested in a lateral intake as a teacher! We reward you for this with our good employment conditions.


If you join us, you will receive an employment contract. The employment contract is created by the payroll administration after the first salary payment has taken place. You will receive this digitally via Sign Request with the request to digitally sign this document. For information or questions about your employment contract, you can contact your manager.


Your terms of employment are laid down in the CAO PO (Primary Education) or in the CAO VO (Secondary Education). Which CLA applies to you depends on your appointment. If you work at a primary school, the CAO PO applies. If you work within secondary education, the CAO VO applies. As a rule, the CAO VO applies to educational support staff. For employees who are recruited from abroad, additional regulations apply.

For the latest developments and trends in the employment conditions as they apply within education, we refer you to the websites below:


If you need an English translation please contact the HR advisor of your school. For Esprit-employees selected from abroad additional terms of employment are available.

Life-phase-conscious personnel policy

Improving the sustainable employability of employees in primary and secondary education is a current theme. Every employee at a primary school has the right to spend 40 hours of working time annually on sustainable employability. In secondary education, each teacher is given access to 50 hours each year that can be used for various purposes.

i See CAO PO: art. 8a Sustainable Employability

  • Recent addition to Life Phase Conscious Personnel Policy (VO)
  • Addendum age-aware human resources policy (VO)
  • Life-phase-conscious Personnel Policy (VO)
  • Age-aware human resources policy (VO)