Collective labour agreement and other terms and conditions of employment

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New employees are given an employment contract by group HR. You will be sent a digital contract via AFAS, which you must e-sign. For information or questions about your employment contract, you can contact your manager.

Collective labour agreement (CLA)

Your terms of employment are laid down in the Collective Labour Agreement for Primary education or the Collective Labour Agreement for Secondary education. Your position determines which CLA applies to you. If you work at a primary school, the CLA for Primary education applies. If you work at a secondary school, the CLA for Secondary education applies.  Generally speaking, educational support staff fall under the CLA for Secondary education. Employees recruited from abroad have additional terms of employment.

For the latest developments and trends with regard to terms of employment in education, please visit the websites below:

If you need an English translation, please contact your school’s HR adviser. Esprit employees recruited from abroad have additional terms of employment.

Life-phase-oriented HR policy

Sustainable employability among employees in primary and secondary education is a hot topic. All primary school employees are entitled to 40 hours of working time to be spent on sustainable employability every year. Secondary school teachers have 90 hours, which can be used for various purposes.

i See the CLA for Primary education: art. 8a Sustainable Employability.

i See the CLA for Secondary education: art. 7 


You will be reimbursed for special expenses incurred on behalf of the school, such as business trips, accommodation costs and possibly other expenses. If your supervisor deems it necessary, you will also get a meal allowance for up to €15 per hot meal. You can submit expense claims on AFAS mijninsite 

by providing an original receipt or invoice. If you have a personal public transport card, you can print an expense summary from the site.

Exchange scheme

Esprit has an exchange scheme for commuting expenses that lets employees exchange part of their gross end-of-year bonus for an additional net travel allowance. You can sign up for this scheme on AFAS MijnInsite. 

Company Assets

Employees may receive a mobile phone, laptop or iPad if this is necessary for their job. Before we can give you a company asset, you need to sign a user agreement.

Employees can also get discounts on insurance, software, hardware, magazines, books and accessories through various online stores:

i (Dutch)
i (Dutch)

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Commuting Expense Scheme

The compensation you receive as an employee for commuting (travel expenses) is determined in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement. 

i CLA VO, Article 13.1, Attachment 3,Relocation Expense Scheme
i CLA PO, Article 7

Parking policy

Parking permits are issued to the schools for each city district. Individual schools are responsible for allocating parking permits. Esprit Schools pays for the parking permits, as long as this is laid down in the 'lerarenagenda'. 

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