Esprit Scholen participates in several external governance partnerships.

Association OSVO

The association OSVO is a union of representatives from school boards in Amsterdam's secondary and vocational education. The association has an elected board with an independent chairperson.

Samenwerkingsverband PO & VO Amsterdam Diemen

Esprit Schools is a member of Samenwerkingsverband PO & VO  Amsterdam Diemen (Partnership Primary Education and Partnership Secondary Education). 

Breed Bestuurlijk Overleg (BBO)

Esprit Schools is part of the Breed Bestuurlijk Overleg (Broad Governance Association) for Amsterdam schools in primary education.

Covenant with the ROC of Amsterdam

Esprit Schools and the ROC of Amsterdam have concluded a multi-year covenant to realize the cooperation and the continuous learning routes in practice.

UvA and HvA

The consortium 'Educating together in Amsterdam' is a partnership between Esprit Schools, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) to jointly educate students to teach primary education (PO) and secondary education (VO).

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