Central office



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The Central Office provides support services for the primary process and consists of the departments:

  • Facility office
  • Finance and payroll
  • Personnel and organisation
  • Planning and control I
  • nformation management

The Central Bureau develops and coordinates the policy of these focus areas. At the schools themselves, decentralized advisors and employees work in these areas of focus. They fall hierarchically under the relevant school.

Facility office

The facilities office deals with the topics of purchasing, real estate, building management and facility matters. For example, the facility office helps the schools and the facility staff at the schools with their daily (technical) management tasks. In addition, the facilities office checks whether the (legal) obligations and agreements made between the schools and the board are complied with. Furthermore, the facilities office provides the impetus for the implementation of new cases as a result of new regulations, technical innovations and other relevant developments in its area of focus.

The facility desk can be reached by e-mail: facilitair@cb.espritscholen.nl.

The team of the facilities office consists of the head of Facility Affairs (Maarten Boelsma) and three employees.

  • Maarten Boelsma is the head of the department and as such responsible for a range of tasks that are all related to maintaining, improving and renewing the various school locations. Email: m.boelsma@cb.espritscholen.nl
  • Ginie Ruitenbeek is mainly involved in the small and large technical maintenance of the schools, with the supervision and partly the implementation of the legal obligations. She carries out the contract management of the various maintenance contracts and she also prepares technical projects, has them carried out and supervises them. It also draws up budgets for technical maintenace. Email: g.ruitenbeek@cb.espritscholen.nl
  • Nathalie Wernsen's main task is to steer the design, services and relocation in the right direction for large new and renovation projects. In addition, it also manages a number of contracts, arranges all insurance matters, coordinates removals and in a number of cases arranges shared use. Email: n.wernsen@cb.espritscholen.nl
  • Victor Seignette
    E-mail: v.seignette@cb.espritscholen.nl



Finance and payroll


The financial administration of Esprit Scholen ensures the timely, correct and complete processing of the financial changes and the analysis of the financial results. In addition, the department coordinates the payroll administration, with the emphasis on checking the processed mutations and ensuring timely payment. The payroll administration is outsourced to an external payroll processor. The employees in the department take care of the various parts of the administration, such as:

  •  processing purchase invoices and ensuring timely payment
  • drawing up invoices and collecting parental
  • contributions fixed assets administration
  • general ledger administration Payroll
  • booking of bank statements
  • month-end closing and analysis of the figures
  • tax returns
  • preparation of the annual accounts
  • preparing and supervising the audit

For the digital delivery of purchase invoices, suppliers can use the email address: facturen@cb.espritscholen.nl Information about payslips and annual statements, employees can find on the pages.: Payslips and annual statement

The team of the Financial and Payroll department is managed by Johan Molenaar and consists of:

Personnel and organisation

The P&O department consists of:

  • Head of P&O
  • Advisor Strategy and Development
  • P&O advisors
  • Coordinator absenteeism & reintegration
  • Personnel administration employees 

Planning en control

The Planning & Control department is responsible for:

  • Monitoring the finances and the entire process of planning and control of Esprit Schools
  • Supporting the schools in the implementation of the financial policy
  • Creating and monitoring financial policy
  • Maintain financial contacts with various external parties
  • Advising the Executive Board and the directors
  • Monitoring the administrative organization
  • Monitoring progress in the field of risk management

Planning & Control supports with the following products:

  • The framework letter for the budget and the multiannual budget
  • The budget and the multiannual budget
  • The periodic and ad hoc reports and forecasts
  • The annual report. This is drawn up in collaboration with the financial administration.
  • Project control
  • Business cases

Head Control

Mohammed Chatbi
Mohammed Chatbi is mainly involved in the financial management of Esprit Schools with special attention for secondary schools. Mohammed is also responsible for the realization of the following tasks.

m.chatbi@cb.espritscholen.nl of 020-5854823

Head Information management (IM)

Rien Kuster:

Rien Kusters is the head of Information Management and responsible for the management and policy with regard to the information facilities.

Contact: r.kusters@cb.espritscholen.nl

Central Student Administration (CSA)

The Central Student Administration (CLA) is responsible for the management and design of Magister and ParnasSys. They are the first point of contact for support in the event of malfunctions, the design for assessments, PTOs and PTAs.

Contact: cla@cb.espritscholen.nl

Application Management

The application management department takes care of the overall application management of the central (administrative) applications. This could include: Afas, Facet, DUO and Windows. They are responsible for the central design, user management and security of the respective applications.